Glass jar optionCute plastic paint bucket from Michael'sWIne glass optionMade out of cedar so they smell nice.Valentines02Valentines04

A Valentines day project

I am generally of the opinion that we should be good to people all the time rather than only on certain celebrated days. However, this was one of those late night ideas that rattled around in my brain until I let it out last weekend. I am very pleased with the results.

These can be made with colorful scrap wood or leftover pen blanks (cedar is nice because of the smell). For those of you interested in how stuff gets made, a full project description is available over on lumberjocks.


Closet Organizer

Built with a single sheet of 4 by 8 baltic Birch Plywood and a bit of poplar for banding the edges. Cat approved! This is the first step of the closet renovation to hopefully remove all of those white metal racks and replace them with some nice wood. I added some canvas drawers for color and they turned out very nicely.

A Ball jar full of balls... very metaOne of the only drawbacks to being a wood turning, is wrapping round presentsA cheese boardA small plate and an age test.A pair of cheese boardsHow many of my friends know what the design in the middle is?

Christmas Wood 2013

Some of the Santa output for 2013. Cheese boards, a small platter and a Ball jar full of balls (Hows that for meta?). I am curious to see how many people recognize the design in the middle of the smaller walnut platter.


Playing around with a sphere turning jig from the folks at ChefWare Kits. I like it a lot so far. There is a bit more play in it than I expected, but I think once I get used to the setup, I will be able to cut down on some of that.

The spheres are much more consistent. It’s not really quicker, but all things considered, I like it. I even tried my first spherical box. I have discovered that a friction fit lid on a spherical box is not really the best idea… it has to be pried loose.

Live and learn.

Next up, I need to try a saturn shaped box. :)

ShopChest Install1ShopChest1ShopChest2ShopChest3ShopChestFinal1ShopChestFinal2

Red Oak Tool Chest

This is a chest for tools and small pieces of wood, done in red oak and oak plywood. I was not terribly thrilled by the quality of the oak plywood. The veneer was very thin and tended to split along the edges.

However, all things considered, it’s not too shabby for shop furniture. It has me thinking I want to tackle something big like an armoire or a nice chest of drawers. Just need to remember better quality plywood for the case.

Spalted Maple Side 1Spalted Maple Side 2Little boxes in CherryThese are pretty tiny


Not sure I ever posted these. The vase is spalted maple. This stuff was wonderful to turn a polished up to a beautiful finish. I was very pleased and it made a lovely gift.

The tiny boxes are in leftover scraps of cherry wood. I have enough to make about a dozen more. Not sure what I will put in them, but they are fun to make.


The look that says “Not sure where you are sleeping tonight buddy.”

Three cats in a king bed.

Three cats in a king bed.

In case you didn’t know…

This is my happy place.

Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens

Basic case built and assembled. Stained plywood with a walnut front. The white parts will never see daylight after the install.All installations must be approved by on site inspectorsThe blue tape on the wall on the right is marking the studs so I know where to mount the shelves.Glueing the front of the draw on. There is a recess on the underside of the front for pulling the drawer openThe antique lookTop in placeClose up of the assembled wood top. Really lovely grain.

Builtins Part 2

Finally got started on the right side builtin for the living room. I got the case together about two weeks ago and the top assembled the week after that. The install and glue up went pretty smoothly. Now I just need to add the shelves on the right side. Then I can finally get all of my glassware out of boxes. It’s been almost two years since I have seen some of it.

Then I think it is time to make beer and throw a party!

Bottom view of the bowl. Still attached to the latheTop view of the bowl with some amazing swirls and voidsOff the lathe. You can really see the amazing colors in this woodI was pleased that I managed to keep some of the natural edges to this one.A small bowl of tulip poplarInside the bowlClose up of all the grain colorsThis side is almost uniform, but still has some interesting patterns to the grain.

Recent Wood

I had forgotten to post these up recently. This is a small bowl in Tulip Poplar and a larger bowl in Cherry Burl (a gift to a friend).

I have a few more pieces of the burl and I really want to work some more with it.


Sonic Screwdriver Prototype

Yes I am just a huge nerd… deal with it.


First Attempt at a Turned Case for My Reading Glasses

It’s a nice first draft and I think it’s given me a few other ideas to play with. An idea generated from a discussion at the AAW conference about the lost wood process. It lets you turn an oval shaped object on the lathe which is pretty cool.

AAW Symposium

For those of you buried in soft peat for the last few days, I have been at the American Association of Woodturners symposium for the last few days. To call this experience eye opening would be a huge understatement. Lots of amazing work by talented people. I have a ton of new toys and new ideas. Very satisfying. Take a look at the gallery to see some of what I saw.

My two favorites where Michael Mode’s class on building a bowl from a single flat board and Keith Holt’s singing Spheres (they just look so dang happy)


Long Leaf Pine Bowl

This one is still a work in progress. I like the rim, but I am not thrilled with the bottom of it. I think I will live with it for a few days and see what I think about it.

Living Room Shelves 1Living Room Shelves 2Living Room Shelves 3Last Import - 13Living Room Shelves 1Living Room Shelves 4Living Room Shelves 1Living Room Shelves 6

Shelves finished!

After about 3 months of trying to figure out exactly what I wanted, I finally got the shelves up above the entertainment cabinet. I went with a sort of floating shelf design to try and limit the amount of dark wood in the corner (trying to avoid creating a black hole in that corner). Each shelf is a torsion box, bolted into the wall studs with 4 inch bolts and a walnut front.

Front view... Still need to get the leg vise installed.Sliding Deadman for holding longer boardsThe bench top is made of Southern Yellow Pine and WalnutCan't wait to do work on this

Bench Project

Almost done with the work bench. Still need to get the legs level, install a leg vise, do a bit of final planing and get some finish on it. It’s been a long time coming, but I am very pleased. I finally get to do work on it, even if it’s not completely finished. It will be so nice to have a bench that does not assume I am 6′ 7″ tall.

Snuggle Buddies

Monochrome kitties love to snuggle.

Built In Cabinet in Walnut

Walnut frame and top attached. Need to add the kick plate at the bottom and then the shelves above. Almost there.

Front yard full of hailBig Hail

Oh Hail No!

Golfball sized hail bombarded my house. I woke up thinking the cats were knocking things over upstairs. A quick check showed all the cats were in bed with me… and all very unhappy about the noise. It sounded like someone had moved my house onto a driving range.

Scratching Post1Scratching Post2Scratching Post3

Cat Christmas

Kitties get Christmas a bit early. They are kitties. They get what they want.

What are you doing with your evening?

I am drying angel wings on the kitchen counter top… What are you doing with your evening?


Pre Christmas

Pre-Christmas at my house. I have my tree up and about 80 hand turned ornaments. Now… if I can just keep my collection of furry little hellions from viewing the ornaments as a challenge to their authority.