Warranty: Violated!

I am pretty sure drilling a 2 and a half inch hole in the top of a brand new fridge will violate my warranty.

However, without the hole, there can be no taps, and without the taps there will be no beer. In case you not know…

No beer == Bad

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Santa Loves You All

Friends, many of you have felt a certain emptiness in your lives of late, a nagging sensation of unfulfilled desire. A dent in your very being that can only be spackled over with the loving application of carbonated grains and yeast.

I am here to tell you that your prayers to Santa have been answered… The Olde McDonough Homebrew Company is coming back on line!

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At last… My creature lives!!

Scotch Ale PictureWhere are my Scotch lovers at?

As some of you may know, Bryan and I have been searching for a true Scotch Ale ever since a trip to Germany introduced us to Highlander Whiskey Malt beer.

I am pleased to say, after a hefty bit of experimenting and a helpful brew store owner who smokes his own grains, I have finally achieved success. This beer has the color of a fine single malt and a delicious smoky aroma.

I feel a party coming on….

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Dude, you got watermelon in my beer.

As a home brewer, I have made a few fruit flavored beers in the past. They usually make a good summer beer, as they are lighter than my usual “rich-dark-chewy-bring-a-fork” beers. Most of them seem to lack any real complexity, but they’re just fine for drinking out on the back deck.

However, I may have to change my opinion after sampling William’s Brewing’s “Watermelon Wheat” beer. Oh my great googly moogly! This is very fine stuff. I am not even sure what made me try it, but I was intrigued by the combination. It’s light with a hint of sweetness and a really gorgeous aroma.

I think the next beer party will need to be sooner than I thought. Otherwise Kim and I might just drink this one ourselves.

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