Sonic Screwdriver Prototype

Yes I am just a huge nerd… deal with it.

First Attempt at a Turned Case for My Reading Glasses

It’s a nice first draft and I think it’s given me a few other ideas to play with. An idea generated from a discussion at the AAW conference about the lost wood process. It lets you turn an oval shaped object on the lathe which is pretty cool.

AAW Symposium

For those of you buried in soft peat for the last few days, I have been at the American Association of Woodturners symposium for the last few days. To call this experience eye opening would be a huge understatement. Lots of amazing work by talented people. I have a ton of new toys and new ideas. Very satisfying. Take a look at the gallery to see some of what I saw.

My two favorites where Michael Mode’s class on building a bowl from a single flat board and Keith Holt’s singing Spheres (they just look so dang happy)

Long Leaf Pine Bowl

This one is still a work in progress. I like the rim, but I am not thrilled with the bottom of it. I think I will live with it for a few days and see what I think about it.

Shelves finished!

After about 3 months of trying to figure out exactly what I wanted, I finally got the shelves up above the entertainment cabinet. I went with a sort of floating shelf design to try and limit the amount of dark wood in the corner (trying to avoid creating a black hole in that corner). Each shelf is a torsion box, bolted into the wall studs with 4 inch bolts and a walnut front.

Bench Project

Almost done with the work bench. Still need to get the legs level, install a leg vise, do a bit of final planing and get some finish on it. It’s been a long time coming, but I am very pleased. I finally get to do work on it, even if it’s not completely finished. It will be so nice to have a bench that does not assume I am 6′ 7″ tall.

Snuggle Buddies

Monochrome kitties love to snuggle.

Built In Cabinet in Walnut

Walnut frame and top attached. Need to add the kick plate at the bottom and then the shelves above. Almost there.

Oh Hail No!

Golfball sized hail bombarded my house. I woke up thinking the cats were knocking things over upstairs. A quick check showed all the cats were in bed with me… and all very unhappy about the noise. It sounded like someone had moved my house onto a driving range.

Cat Christmas

Kitties get Christmas a bit early. They are kitties. They get what they want.

What are you doing with your evening?

I am drying angel wings on the kitchen counter top… What are you doing with your evening?

Pre Christmas

Pre-Christmas at my house. I have my tree up and about 80 hand turned ornaments. Now… if I can just keep my collection of furry little hellions from viewing the ornaments as a challenge to their authority.

Missy Bath Time

Sometimes, just being cute is enough. Missy takes time out from playing fetch to do a bit of grooming.

The Life

Good wine. Good fire. Good night.

File under 7 impossible things before breakfast…

File under 7 impossible things before breakfast…

I ran into an interesting problem yesterday when my laptop suddenly stopped connecting to the office network. It could see the connection, but never got an IP address. It’s a fairly new machine, but had been working fine for about 2 weeks prior to this. 2 hours of troubleshooting yielded only frustration and I resolved myself to using Ethernet at work.

At the end of the day, I unplugged my external monitor… and the wireless connected almost immediately. Huh? I plugged the monitor back in and the connection died. Seriously? Then I remembered, I had bought a new monitor connector to run the external monitor with the new powerbook. It’s cheap and probably unshielded. After a quick Internet search, I figured out that the monitor interference was making a hash of my connection. I switched the channel on the wireless network and it connected just fine with the external monitor attached.

The long and short of this is that when it comes to computers, the obvious issue is often cause by something that appears totally unrelated. Actually… I think we can pretty much say that about everything.

Bowl and Balls

A natural edge bowl with some cedar balls I will be using as Christmas ornaments this year.

Walnut Frame

Finally finished a Walnut picture frame. The painting is by my friend Alex. I have had it for years but never had a frame, so I finally made one.


A new platter made out of camphor wood (I think)


Starting prototypes for Christmas ornaments.

Status: Brain Chemistry

Dear Brain Chemistry, yes I did work enough and accomplished enough this weekend. Would you kindly bugger off!

The new theme is starting to come together. I still want to get a bit more detailed with the boxes.